Our base is in KL and you’re welcome to come direct to our place for more info. Kindly contact us by message box below. We’ll reply a.s.a.p.. Thanks.


16 comments on “contact

  1. Hi!

    Did u do printing job for custom made card? i have the design, i just need you to print on your material (white ivory card). my design is just black in color. how much does it cost me, if u do this kind of service? FYI, i need 500pcs cards only. TQ!

  2. Salam,
    Saye nak tanye, untuk KAD KAHWIN KAD KAHWIN – 1 Fold 2 Panels 1 Color 1 – No.1 ini berapa kalau saye nak tempah 1000 kpg? (both party together)
    dan berapa pulak untuk KAD KAHWIN – 1 PIECE kalau nak tempah 500 kpg x 2? (male and female).
    Boleh x saye nak dapat price list beberapa jenis KAD KAHWIN yang available for both party bila nak tempah 1000 keping? My wedding will be in September.
    Looking forward to hear from u. Trima kasih. Wassalam

  3. I need quotations for pocket type,
    And also the a4 size with 2 fold type
    royal blue with silver lettering.
    Wedding 500 pcs. Thank you

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