kad kahwin

Specialised in custom made Kad kahwin or wedding cards. We provide design & printings for all types of wedding card. A kad kahwin have many types normally differentiate by designs, materials and colors. A normal design of kad kahwin are usually based on A4 size paper. Whether is an A4 or A5 (half A4) and sometimes double of A4 (A3).


1 color 1 fold (outside)


1 color 1 fold (inside)


  • Designs
    There are few designs of kad kahwin, usually an A4 size card with 1 fold & 2 panels or 2 folds & 3 panels. Also a design of 1 fold 2 panels with inter lay paper inside the folding part. But the most popular today is the 2 folds 3 panels design with both sides printing.
  • Materials
    Custom made kad kahwin are normally using Art Card with either 230gsm or 260gsm type of Art Card. White in color and can be finish with UV for high gloss effect or Matte Laminated for exclusively cleans look. For inter lay paper for
  • Colors
    Kad kahwin design are quote by colors, normally there are 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors or 4 colors printing. Of course the less color is cheaper than more colors, but the cost different are very small. A 4 colors printing consider a full colors printing.
  • Quantity
    Last but not least.. the quantity is the main factor in any printings job. β€˜The less is more’.. yes the small quantity is quite pricey and the more the quantity will be cheaper. Contact us for more informations & pricings.

A4 2 Folds, 3 Panels

A4 size with 2 folds, 3 panels – 4 colors

Custom Shape Pocket Type

Custom Shape with pocket type

Custom Shape Pocket Type Kerawang

Kad Kahwin – 4 colors Kerawang Pocket Cover with 2 colors card

4colors-custom-cover-b4colors-custom-cover-a2 4colors-custom-card-a 4colors-custom-card-b
Pocket Cover (left) with Insert Cards (right)


We do packages for Paperbox design follows the design for your cards

paperbox-a paperbox-b
front side & back side with different text/wording

2 Colors Design (no fold)

2 colors design card, a 1 sheet type (no fold) suitable for 1 map. Either u prefer to be black & white or 2 colors design to enhance the ring.

top black front side
bottom lite grey – back side

1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1
this design suite for 1 map or for both party, male & female texts & maps

front (outside)

back (inside)

1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2
this design suite for 1 map or 2 maps for both party, male & female.

front (outside)

back (inside)


44 comments on “kad kahwin

  1. Hi,

    boleh dapatkan quot utk kad kahwin bg kuantiti 800.:

    1.Custom Shape Pocket Type
    2.Custom Shape Pocket Type Kerawang
    3.1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2

    dan warna2 yg available..

  2. pls quote price for 2000pieces of as below;

    1- Custom Shape Pocket Type
    2- 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1

    in addition, can we add photos of brides (outside) & photos of gurls’ parents (inside)?
    any additional charge?

    i need only 1 map for 1 party.

    await your reply

  3. A’laikum! May I know if u do take orders for Singapore too? What is the price for A4 2 folds & 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1. I need about 250pcs.

  4. salam,

    bley email i hrga tuk 300pcs , dua2 belah pihak (2 maps)

    1.Custom Shape Pocket Type
    2.1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1

    tqvm πŸ˜‰

  5. Salam… nak tau hrga utk 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1 dengan 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2.tq

  6. Interested with the 2 color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2. Boleh saya dptkan price quotation for 1000 to 1500.. Urgent

  7. Can you quote price for 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.1 dengan 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2

    Qty 1000 – 1500 – Urgent.

  8. salam,

    leh email me the quotation for 1 Color Design 1 Fold 2 Panels – no.2 (700pcs) dan color2yg available.


  9. hi , can u give me quote for :-
    i)1 colour 1 fold, kerawang pocket, 1 colour desing 1 fold 2 panel for qty 800 & 1000 pcs?
    ii) paperbox – qty 100 pcs ?

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